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Complaints Handling Procedure

Step 1

Complainant files a complaint outlining the facts of the alleged misconduct on the part of the legal practitioner concerned. The complaint is addressed to the Executive Secretary of the Law Society.

Step 4

The matter is placed before Disciplinary & Ethics Committee (DEC) with summary of the complaint and issues raised for the Committee’s views and recommendations.

Step 7

If the legal practitioner is found guilty he will be called to make submissions in mitigation.

Step 10

The parties are advised of Council’s resolution and sentence is enforced.

Step 2

The secretary informs the legal Practitioners of the complaint and the charges that are being preferred against him. The Legal Practitioner is required to respond to the complaint within 14 days. Both parties are advised of the procedure.

Step 5

The resolution of DEC matter is placed before Law Society Council for adoption and approval.

Step 8

The matter is resubmitted before DEC for recommendations regarding sentencing.

Step 3

Upon receipt of the legal practitioner’s response the Complainant is requested to answer to the legal practitioner’s reply within 10 days. If new facts are raised by the answer it is referred back to the legal practitioner for comments.

Step 6

Parties are advised of the Council’s resolution.

Step 9

Council adopts the DEC recommendation for sentencing.